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Table 4 Logistic regression of the predictors of exclusive breastfeeding

From: Prevalence and predictors of exclusive breastfeeding among women in Kigoma region, Western Tanzania: a community based cross-sectional study

Variable AoR 95%CI p value
Knowledge about EBF    
Inadequate knowledge of EBF Reference   
Adequate knowledge of EBF 5.4 2.5, 11.6 < 0.001
Pathological problems*    
Yes Reference   
No 6.6 3.2, 13.6 < 0.001
Place of delivery    
Home Reference   
Health facility 3.0 1.7, 5.4 < 0.001
  1. AoR Adjusted Odds Ratio
  2. Variables included in the model: employment, marital status, place of delivery, partner's education, pathological problems and knowledge of EBF
  3. *Problems related to mothers' breasts (engorgement, sore/cracked nipple, mastitis or abscess).