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Table 2 Knowledge of respondents about exclusive breastfeeding (n = 402)

From: Prevalence and predictors of exclusive breastfeeding among women in Kigoma region, Western Tanzania: a community based cross-sectional study

Variable Attribute Score category n %
Meaning of 'Exclusive Breastfeeding' Feed only breast milk Correct 386 96.2
  Feed only cow's milk Incorrect 5 1.2
  Feed only formula milk Incorrect 7 1.7
  Feed breast milk and other foods Incorrect 3 0.7
  Don't know Incorrect 1 0.2
Recommended duration of exclusive breastfeeding From birth to six months Correct 361 89.8
  From birth to four months Incorrect 23 5.7
  From birth to three months Incorrect 18 4.5
Knowledge (Overall) Adequate knowledge Correct in both 347 86.3
  Inadequate knowledge Incorrect in either 55 13.7