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Table 3 The main reasons given by the women for planning to breastfeed or not breastfeed

From: Intention to breastfeed and awareness of health recommendations: findings from first-time mothers in southwest Sydney, Australia

Reasons for breastfeeding Number (%) N = 384 Examples of what women said
Baby's health 163 (42) Health, strength of immune system. Better for baby, everything right for baby.
Healthy and nutritious for baby and less infection.
Baby gets all nutrition. Baby's health, better than formula.
Safest way to feed baby.
More nutritious for baby, healthier. Formula can have chemicals and preservative.
Mother and baby's health 38 (10) Better for baby, benefits for mother: weight loss, contraction of uterus.
Good for mother and child. Prevent disease. Help prevent breast cancer in future.
Antenatal class changed my mind. Back to normal weight quicker. Protector for breast cancer, can help prevent it. Boost immune system.
Cost effective 52 (14) Good for baby. Cost effective.
Best for baby, immunity, cheaper.
Better for baby with immunity. Does not cost anything.
Convenient 29 (8) Excellent for baby's health. Convenient.
Immunity, no sterilizing, walking milk bar!
Convenient, always there, no sterilization or preparation.
Good for baby.
Bonding 44 (11) Baby's health, bonding.
Brings mother and baby closer, healthiest food for the baby.
Good for baby, immunity, relationships with mother, growing, bonding.
Nature 35 (9) Good for baby. God made milk special for a baby, natural, protect the baby from illness.
That's what God planned for us to do: it's nature, all other animals do it. Best for baby.
More nutritious. More benefits than formula. Mother generally prefers natural remedies.
All of them 25 (6) Breastfeeding is best, nutrition, convenience, cheaper, bonding.
Health benefits for baby. Convenience. Financial benefit.
Good for baby, reduced risk of breast cancer, bonding, cheaper.
Natural, cheaper, beneficial for baby, easier.
Reasons for not breastfeeding Number (%) N = 25  
Back to work/no time 7 (28) No time, have to work.
Need to get back to work.
No interest, going back to work soon.
Health concerns 2 (8) Have an infection, unable to breastfeed. I would like to breastfeed.
Uncomfortable/embarrassment 8 (32) I don't think I will feel comfortable. Too many people around.
Did not feel comfortable.
I would be embarrassed in public.
Convenient 3 (12) It's easier to bottle feed. I don't know much about breastfeeding. My family all been bottle fed.
More time consuming, hard enough already. It is easier to heat up a bottle.
Just don't want to breastfeed 5 (20) Just did not want to breastfeed.
Can't stand the thought of it. Freaks me out.